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Methods of sale

    When selecting a listing option it is essential to understand that each is part of a greater sales strategy, incorporating an extensive marketing and negotiation process. Each process, although aiming for the same outcome (that is, a sale) has unique characteristics. There are three methods of sale: 1. Private treaty 2. Auction 3. Tender   Each of methods...

doma realty gold coast real estate agent

11 reasons why you should use us as your Real Estate Agents

    Selling a property is a big financial transaction, so it’s worth considering using us as an expert. When you consider to go with us as a real estate agent, first of all you hire a professional who will ease for you marketing process and NEGOTIATE with the Buyers. Yes, and agent will handle sale negotiations on your behalf and strive to achieve the best possible result. We will:...

doma realty gold coast real estate agent

Real Estate Marketing

  The success of any marketing campaign depends on Four Major P's: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Let's get to know them better within a Real Estate marketing meaning.   Price Price is an important issue. In general, it is regulated with current market demand and supply powers. And market never stays still, it is always some sort of fluctuation upwards or downwards. Buyers...

doma realty gold coast real estate agent

Why focuse on personalised niche product marketing?

Know your Buyer's needs and wants It happened so many times to me when I entered a shop and a shop assistant started to sell me something on the basis of very initial questions. For example, I needed a vacuum cleaner and I was asked only about a price range. After half an hour of walking through almost all of the vacuum cleaners available within the price range... approximate price range... all other...

doma realty gold coast real estate agent

Why We Love Real Estate

  We love Real Estate! Why?   Every day we read and watch miriads of success stories from a usual Australian people who started their Real Estate journey and achieved amazing results investing in property. Great successful Aussies who created huge portfolios, massive equity and changed their life towards passive income from their properties.   With the right knowledge and...

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