We are here to step in as your local Real Estate Agent and be sure that all property involved transactions are in your best interests. Expert in niche marketing and negotiating, Doma Realty will assess the market and provide the right advice to ensure our clients make the right decisions. We will estimate the right target market, making the selling or buying process a smooth and pain free experience. As a Seller you get a right Buyer to your beloved property who was looking for exactly this type of the dwelling. As a Buyer you get a right house which meets closely your requirements. Win/win solution in its best tradition!

I will not throw a thousand brochures at you, the particulars of which you might not have time to absorb comprehensively. Instead, I will walk every step to success arm-in-arm with you, through sharing my knowledge, advice and a passion in real estate.

Olesya Ten,


Selling or purchasing a new home or an investment on a beautiful Gold Coast?

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